Jo Minoprio


Bradymoor north

I first came to live on Exmoor about 40 years ago !  Having worked as a designer/decorator; photographing at W/Es, weddings, parties, etc. and travelled extensively before returning to settle, with my husband and son  to my beloved Exmoor.

Here I continue to explore my passion for the wild Exmoor landscape, in particular my fascination with Beech Hedges!  We think of our Exmoor landscape as being natural and wild when actually the miles of hedgerows have been modelled by man through being cut, laid, trimmed or simply left over the years, forming exquisite but temporary sculptures of our time. The hedges have to some extent become a trademark of my work with my photography and artwork travelling well, side by side, down the path to discovery.

I am now exploring, mainly  with use of ink and watercolour, as seen in my recent pictures, turning more towards a  graphic interpretation of my subject, bringing out the designer side of me.

I am excited by my Tree Top Photograph series, again adding more of the design aspect to my work

Very excited to announce that I am learning a new skill, that of original woodcut printing!


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jo minoprio exmoor artist