Jo Minoprio


Looking North


EXHIBITIONS  – that Jo has been in, past, present and future


Feb 1st – March 31st – Lynmouth – Exmoor National Parks Centre

May 1st – 31st   Delamore Art Festival – joint exhibition of sculptures and paintings

May 1st – July 4th  The Trees of Exmoor and Dartmoor – with The Arborealists       at the Somerset Museum Taunton

May  1st – 29th       Hedge Trees, Please  –  at The Bridgewater Art Centre Gallery opening hours 9.45 – 15.00 Tuesdays to Fridays

September – Rosemoor – RHS – Joint exhibition

November –  Pre-Christmas group show Lanacre Barn Gallery


My studio/gallery, Lanacre Barn Gallery, and home, are high up on the moor, commanding glorious views across the River Barle, with all the inspiration an artist could need right there at my fingertips.

“Design in Nature” is what I am continually searching for,  my discovery of various tree circles and special tree groups has led me to produce a series of ‘Tree Top’ photographs which you can find on this website, along side what I refer to as my Tree Portraits.

I am particularly interested in the relationship between trees when they are standing close together, how they give each other space to breath and form wonderful patterns in their highest branches.

At this time I am also continuing to explore with ink and watercolour and have done a course in woodcut printing at West Dean, being taught by the brilliant Merlyn Chesterman. She brought her work to Lanacre Barn Gallery in September, along with Judith Westcott, Julia Manning and Ian Phillips and all the works of Pine Feroda, it was a thrilling show!

I also work with charcoal, pastel, oil and mixed media in my attempts to express the ever changing and invigorating landscape I love so much.

Since 2012 I have organised exhibitions in my gallery, a converted barn on a working farm. They are often held in conjunction with Somerset Art Week, and sometimes with Devon Art Trek, a two week event every Sep/Oct. I have also started having a pre-Christmas show around the end of November.

I find artists who’s work I like and respect and ask them to join me, trying particularly to promote those that live on Exmoor and the South West,  and others, who although not local, share my passion for the moor. I have continued the main theme of ‘Exmoor’ and the N.Devon/Somerset coast throughout, thereby creating a gallery for Exmoor. I also like to involve one or  two emerging artists, offering a chance to hang their pictures, often for the first time.



The Regal Theatre Minehead, and the Toucan cafe – during The Literary Festival

Delamore Art Festival – joint show

Exmoor Society, solo for May and June

Simonsbath Art Festival May 31st – June 16th

Lanacre Barn Gallery – September 21st – October 6th with   Pine Feroda with                     Merlyn Chesterman, Julia Manning, Ian Phillips and Judith Westcott

Lanacre Barn Gallery  Pre-Christmas Show  November 23rd – December 1st                      With Exmoor printmaker Luna North, Exmoor Artist Leo Davey, Exmoor potter Russell Kingston, painter and printmaker Deborah Hudson, photographer Louis Down and wood artist Molly Rasch.



Simonsbath Art Festival – joint show

Dartington – representing the Exmoor Art Society

Messums Wiltshire – in their “Material Wood” show

Lanacre Barn Gallery – Somerset Open Studios with Louis Down

Lanacre Barn Gallery – Christmas show with Luke Martineau, Leo Davey, Jessamy Keily, Ann Le Bas, Louis Down, Veronica Clegg, Rosie MacCurrach, Judith Westcott, Pine Feroda



Lanacre Barn Gallery “Exmoor to the Sea” – with Luke Martineau, Leo Davey, Miranda Johnston, Jessamy Keily and Louis Down

Exmoor Society headquarters – solo show



No.4 The Gallery Bampton – solo show

Contains Art Watchet – “The way we see it”, curated by Andy Davey

Contains Art Watchet – “Find a Tree” with Gordon Field

Illminster Art Centre – Won the “peoples choice” in photographic competition

Illminster Art Centre – Photographic joint exhibition

Lanacre Barn Gallery – Somerset Open Studios



Lanacre Barn Gallery – with Pine Feroda, Judith Westcott, Caroline MacMillan-Davey, Rosie MacCurrach and Celia Minoprio



Lanacre Barn Gallery – solo during Somerset Open Studios



Lanacre Barn Gallery – “Exmoor Through the Eyes of Eight Artists” – with Ann Le Bas, Hilary Adair, Pauline Clyde, Donna Crook, Luke Martineau, Rosie MacCurrach and Veronica Clegg.



Lanacre Barn Gallery – with Celia Minoprio and Marian Lloyd




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