Veronica in her Studio
Veronica in her Studio


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Exmoor Foxgloves  oil on paper  30 x 38cms  £275.-  unframed



Meadow to the Sea    oil on paper  20 x 28cms   £225.-  unframed



I moved to Exmoor 25 years ago with my husband from Cheshire. Living here has been a wonderful experience and I love the landscape, the upland fields, the moor, the changing seasons and the light which constantly changes. I also am very fond of the Scottish West Highlands and Italy.


Bluebell wood. Oil on paper. 35.5 x 25.5 cms (14 x 10 ins) unframed
Bluebell wood   oil on paper   35.5 x 25.5 cms  £250.-  unframed


I have exhibited in various places over the years, including doing Somerset Arts Weeks.


Pond reflections. Oil on paper. 35.5 x 25.5 cms 15 x 11 ins) unframed
Pond reflections  Oil on paper  35.5 x 25.5 cms  £275.-  unframed


I have painted in watercolour, acrylic, acrylic inks and mixed media and am now experimenting in oils using both brush and palette knife, usually on paper as I find this a nice medium to work with. I have painted in a fairly traditional way in the past but am now loosening up using mixed media and bolder interpretations of what I see around me which I am finding exciting.



Exmoor. Oil on paper. 39 x 30.5 cms (15.25 x 12 ins) Unframed
Exmoor towards Brendon Two Gates   oil on paper  39 x 30.5 cms  £250.-   unframed


Lockdown has made me appreciate what a wealth of subjects we have around us here on Exmoor, a really beautiful place.



Autumn Exmoor landscape. Oil on paper. 17.5 x 28cms (7 x 11 ins) Unframed
Autumn Exmoor landscape   oil on paper. 17.5 x 28cms     £175.-     unframed



West Highlands. Oil on paper. 16 x 16 cms (6.5 x 6.5 ins) Unframed
West Highlands    oil on paper. 16 x 16 cms   £75.-    unframed


Umbrian cypresses. Mixed media on paper. 26.5 x 28 cms. (10.5 x 11 ins)
Umbrian cypresses    mixed media on paper 26.5 x 28 cms   £150.-   unframed



The deep pool. Acrylic inks on Paper. 37 x 27cm (14.5 x 10.5ins) Unframed
The deep pool    acrylic inks on paper  37 x 27cm  £175.-   unframed



Wild landscape. Acrylic on paper. (28 x 9.5 cms 11 x 3.75 ins) Unframed
Wild landscape acrylic on paper   28 x 9.5 cms  £75.-   unframed





If you have any queries or would like to make a purchase please contact Caroline direct. High quality limited prints are also available of the pictures below. 

River Barle Lanacre 41 x 31 oil on board 41 x 31cms £550.-
River Barle , Lanacre  41 x 31cms  oil on board  framed    £550.-


Caroline has been a professional artist for over 25 years, and regularly exhibited in many leading galleries including the Royal west of England academy, Bath art society, White space art , Devon, and many art fairs.


Spring at Tarr Steps oil on canvas 60 x 72cms £850.-
Spring at Tarr Steps  60 x 72cms  oil on canvas   framed   £850.-


Instagram ( carolinemcmillandaveyartist) where you can follow her to view her latest work which is posted regularly .


Passing showers at Croyde Bay oil on canvas 60 x 72cms £875.-
Passing Showers at Croyde Bay  60 x 72cms  oil on canvas  framed    £875.-


Artist Statement :

My paintings are memories of glorious days spent walking in the landscape and sitting on beaches observing the effect of light and weather on rocks, sea, hedges and fields. 


Govrevy Lighthouse 26 x 30 oil on board £380.-
Godrevy Lighthouse  26 x 30cms  oil on board  framed   £380.-


I strive to capture the atmosphere from the quiet reflections of a summer river, to the greens, greys and turquoise of our seas, landscapes in all seasons.


Grass Dune at Constantine 40 x 40cms oil on board £600.-
Dune Grass at Constantine  40 x 40cms  oil on board  framed  £600.-


I feel extremely fortunate to live in Somerset and have access to wonderful ancient country and coast.


Dog walkers on the beach 42 x 32cms oil on board £580.-
Dog walkers on the Beach  42 x 32cms  oil on board  framed  £580.-



Clouds on the Horizon 30 x 30cms oil on canvas £420.-
Clouds on the horizon  30 x 30cms  oil on canvas  framed  £420.-



Distant sails Trevone Bay 26 x 30cms oil on board £380.-
Distant sails, Trevorne Bay  26 x 30cms  oil on board  framed  £380.-



Summer along the coast path 76 x 61cms oil on canvas £950.-
Summer along the coast path  76 x 61cms  oil on canvas  framed  £950.-



Summer fields 60 x 45cms oil on canvas £750.-
Summer Fields  60 x 45cms  oil on canvas  framed   £750.-



Cornfield and dark sky 60 x 45cms oil on canvas £725.-
Cornfield and dark sky  60 x 45cms  oil on canvas framed   £725.-



Sails on the river Dart 60 x 72 oil on canvas £875.-
Sails on the river Dart  60 x 72cms  oil on canvas  framed  £875.-



Winter Trees Exmoor 55 x 36cms oil on board £680.-
Winter tress, Exmoor  55 x 36cms  oil on board   framed  £680.-




If you have any queries or would like to make a purchase please contact Luna direct at:  or telephone 01769 550989


photo by Matt Austin


Luna North creates unique Linocut Prints. The work is produced in limited editions which are hand pressed in her Devon studio at the foot of Exmoor, Molland.


Bluebells in the long grass  30 x 25cms  original linocut  £145.-  unframed


Her work is based on observations of the natural word and her love of Exmoor.


Briar and Bramble  30 x 25cms  original linocut  £145.-  unframed



She studied a Fine Art degree at Falmouth School of Art and is now a Devon Guild of Crafts Associates Member.


Tender-Leaf  30 x 25cms  original linocut  £145.-  unframed


Inspired by Mid Century Design and the spirit of Japanese Woodblock printing, her work is evocatively coloured and expressively carved.


Unfurl  30 x 25cms  original linocut  £145.-  unframed


 ‘I see rhythm in the movement of wild grass, pattern in the shapes of trees and subtle colouring in the wildflowers of the British landscape.  


Hope  30 x 20cms  original linocut  £145.-  unframed


If you are looking for a specific print by Luna North that is not available here or you wish Luna to contact you about her newsletter or printmaking workshops then please see the contact details above.


Life Cycle  30 x 20cms  original linocut  £145.-  unframed



These four original linocuts are £45.- each or £160.- for all four.  Fronds of Bracken, Purple Orchid, Bramble and Birdsfoot Trefoil.  10 x 15 cms



Flock  original linocut  40 x 30cms  £190.-  unframed


Hawthorne Berries  40 x 30cms  original linocut  £160.-


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