2019 – PINE FERODA AT LANACRE BARN GALLERY                                                                          September 21st – October 6th  Open daily from 10am – 5pm




Pine Feroda, a collaboration of four professional artists, working together to produce dramatic large scale woodblock prints, is coming to Exmoor for an important exhibition at Lanacre Barn Gallery.

Pine Feroda (the name carefully chosen for its ambiguity) has had widespread success and international recognition in London, New York, Hong Kong and Australia, with the accolade of being three times selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Working mostly in the South West, Merlyn Chesterman R.E., Julia Manning R.E., S.W.L.A., Ian Phillips and Judith Westcott have developed a unique artistic collaboration with a recognisable style. Pine’s oeuvre is predominantly seascapes and landscapes, often inspired by the North Devon coastline.

Lanacre Barn Gallery, now in its 8th year, overlooks the Barle Valley, arguably one of the most beautiful areas within The National Park, all of which creates the perfect setting for an Exmoor gallery. It’s a converted traditional stone barn, no less than a hidden gem, set in a farmyard high on the moor, where Jo Minoprio, artist and gallery owner, welcomed over 600 visitors through the doors to enjoy her last big joint show.

Having hung three Pines in her gallery over the last couple of years she has experienced first-hand the public’s reaction to these exciting and dramatically large scale images. So, to now have the full collection of Pine Feroda’s work for all to see under one roof represents a dream come true.

Pine’s works are quite distinct, having developed its own recognisable style – indeed, this made up artist can be seen to evolve and grow like a real-life artist. Just how different – or similar – Pine’s creators’ own works are from Pine itself will be for the individual visitor to the barn to decide. But for sure, here is a unique opportunity to make such a judgement, with these four remarkable artists all exhibiting their own works alongside these giants, completing the circle and adding a whole new dimension to the exhibition.

Jo Minoprio is excited to also be exhibiting her own, as yet unseen, woodcuts, alongside these pros!



January Storm V2


Shore break best copy
Shore Break
Spring Tide copy
Spring Tide


Morning light2 copy
Morning Light 2


Sea Rocks
Seachange_A4 copy
LakeRA copy






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