As always “design in nature” is coming to the forefront in my most recent works. Simonsbath Wood has captured my imagination and it is not over yet.

Across the Fields to Hillway £390.-
Sun on Bracken Beyond 88cms x 44cms £380.-
Evening Line-Up watercolour and Ink SOLD

Moonlight in Simonsbath Wood £420.-

Autumn Passing in Simonsbath Wood £390.-
Yellow Fourfields x Four watercolour and ink 88cms x 88cms by Jo Minoprio £650.-
Bright Autumn in Simonsbath Wood SOLD

Dancing Beech in Simonsbath Wood SOLD
Twilight over Exmoor watercolour and ink 95cms x 57cms framed SOLD available as giclee print
Through and Beyond framed SOLD
Order out of Chaos watercolour and ink £280.-
Across Withypool Hill watercolour and ink 78cms x 42cms framed SOLD

This series below was inspired by several visits to Simonsbath Wood during the most stunning light. This is how I saw it, in all its’ glory!

The Chaos of Light (Simonsbath Wood) watercolour 90cms x 42cms framed £420.-
The Brightness of Light |(Simonsbath Wood) watercolour 90cms x 42cms framed £420.-
Alternative Focus watercolour 69cms x 32cms framed £180.-
Bucks Mill oil on board £240.-

jo minoprio exmoor artist

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