2018 – SOMERSET ART WORKS Open Studios and DEVON ART TREK              September 15th – 30th at The Lanacre Barn Gallery 

This year, Jo Minoprio exhibited along side her son Louis Down.

Louis, a young emerging artist,  hung a variety of large modern photographs alongside his original abstract designs which were shown for the first time.

Jo has a new collection of watercolours depicting her love of the Exmoor Beech hedges and trees and the large Exmoor open skies.   Also showing were some new large photographic images from her Tree Top series and her latest woodcut print.

Something for everyone, a large selection of pictures hanging alongside prints and cards, in a friendly and relaxed setting, all within the glorious wilderness of Exmoor.


Heading Up         photograph by Louis Down
Back In The Dip        watercolour and ink by Jo Minoprio


“Leap of Faith”  original woodcut by Jo Minoprio


2018 – MESSUMS WILTSHIRE     Material: Wood                                                                  August 8th-Sep 9th   10am-5pm Wednesday to Saturday. 10am-4pm Sunday and Bank holiday Mondays

Jo was very excited to have been invited to exhibit some of her Tree Top photographs during this wonderful exhibition.


Lie Down and Look Up




Spring Within





2018 – SIMONSBATH ART EXHIBITION  – May – In conjunction with The Simonsbath Art Festival

The exhibition showcased some of the South West’s  most innovative and influential printmakers, whose work reflected something of the quality of moorland life, the physical beauty of the landscape and the diversity of the culture, flora and fauna.    Being a newcomer to the printing world Jo was privileged to take part in this exciting show

Leap of Faith  Original Wood Cut by Jo Minoprio



2017  “EXMOOR TO THE SEA”   September Saturday 23rd – October Sunday 8th     everyday 11am-6pm

Lanacre Barn Gallery has had an exciting exhibition with around 600 people coming to the wilds of Exmoor to see a variety of professional and emerging artists in conjunction with Somerset Art Works Festival.  For those of you who are passionate about Exmoor and the North Devon/Somerset coast then this was the show for you. With a large  variety of styles and mediums;  oil, watercolour, ink, photography. We also had Nikos, an amazing  jeweller from Corfu, with strong connections to Exmoor, who brought new work, never seen before. There was something for everyone, set in a spacious gallery, with a large number of pictures hanging. All set in the glorious wilderness of Exmoor, from which the artists took their inspiration

Leo Davey,    Louis Down,   Miranda Johnston,   Jessamy Keily,    Luke Martineau, Niko Michalopoulos   and   Jo Minoprio


Leo trained as an illustrator at Falmouth. He has become well established with his detailed illustrative watercolours, however his latest work sees him branching out into different media, creating exciting painterly landscapes which are remarkably different to his previous work.

In recent years Leo has won the “Evolver Prize”, he has regularly shown at the RWA (this year he was a prize winner), has had paintings in “The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour” and “The Sunday Times Watercolour competition 2012, 2013 & 2014” at London’s Mall Galleries and won the competition’s “Smith & Williamson Cityscape Prize” in 2015.

Gorse and Heather North Hill
Gorse and Heather North Hill
Minehead Through Woodcombe
Minehead through Woodcombe
Barle at Lanacre 2
Barle at Lanacre
Porlock Wier
Porlock Weir


Jinks Art is the moniker for Jessamy Keily, an Exmoor artist specialising in pen and ink. Inspired by the wildlife and natural forms around her within the National Park and beyond, Jessamy took to capturing these unique shapes and patterns with traditional dip pen and ink, occasionally using watercolours to add vibrancy. She focuses on nature but is particularly inspired by the Exmoor wildlife.Her eye-catching “Dark Skies” series of iconic Exmoor animal shapes expressed as a night sky highlights Exmoor’s standing as one of the best places to see stars in Europe.

She is also fascinated by the sea and her “fish mandala” series captures the patterns of underwater dives and vibrant seascapes. She is continually pushing the boundaries of ink work, using a range of techniques from fine lines to broad abstract pieces. Jinks Art is becoming an icon of the Exmoor area and her pieces of work are now collector items.    Her website can be found at: http://www.jinksart.com and she is open to commissions.

Dark Skies
ram (1 of 1)-2-1
Rams Head



MIRANDA JOHNSTON          www.mirandajohnstonart.com   

“Living and roaming on Exmoor I often have chance encounters with wildlife. In my paintings I try to capture that moment of intense mutual observation before they disappear.

Every painting of mine presents me with exciting challenges, I love exploring the medium of oil paint to see how I can render the textures, light and atmosphere.

I enjoy spending time researching and observing my subjects which helps me to appreciate even more how lucky I am to live in such a unique and special place that enriches my life so much.”



Luke Martineau has been painting on Exmoor for over 30 years, having spent almost every summer of his life in the village of Withypool, where his family have owned a cottage since the 1950s. His travels with easels and brushes have taken him from the banks of the River Barle to Cambodia and Hong Kong, from Venice to New York, and to India, where in 2010 he accompanied Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall as official Tour Artist.

Luke has established a reputation in the UK as a landscape painter but he is also in demand for his portraits – he especially enjoys the informality of family conversation pieces and is currently working on half a dozen commissions. He has work of different kinds – landscapes, still life and portraits – in many private and public collections, including Eton College, the Middle Temple and The Royal Collection.Since 2014 Luke has also been President of the Chelsea Art Society.

http://www.lukemartineau.com            www.facebook.com/lukemartineauartist

In the river, Sherdon Hutch
In the River, Sherdon
Fishing for Minnows oil on board 8 by 11ins copy
Catching Minnows



Jo continues with her fascination for the iconic Beech Hedges of Exmoor. Bringing out her more ‘designer’ side she continues to explore the effects that man has had on our landscape over the last two hundred years since the Royal Forest was tamed. We think our surroundings are natural and wild when actually they have been modelled by the way we have cut, laid, or left our endless miles of hedgerows. They have become exquisite sculptures in the Exmoor landscape, and Jo never ceases her search to capture the best of them.

Rain Beyond
Silent Twilight
Horsen Giants


An energetic and exceedingly creative emerging artist, who is looking to express his individuality through making the ordinary look special


Louis 3



Louis 1



Water through Wood


Old Wood


Saunton I




Nikos has been creating innovative sculpture-jewellery in various materials for the past 45 years. Much of his work is inspired by the sea and countryside of Corfu where he has lived all his life. His workshop/gallery, based in the old part of Corfu town, is a showcase for his art which pushes the boundaries of what we understand as jewellery without compromising its accessibility or wearability.

Nikos works in 18 carat gold, Sterling silver and bronze as well as wood and stone. Much of his work has an organic feel to it reflecting his love of natural forms found in water, rock and olive wood. He has exhibited in London, Athens and Vienna and has a loyal international following built up over many years. Nikos also takes commissions and believes in working closely with his clients to create a work of art that compliments their personality and life style.

As well as showing some of his classic pieces at Lanacre, Niko will be bringing some of his new work specially designed for this exhibition.

Find us on Facebook, Instagram or on our website  www.nikosjewellery.com                      or e-mail :  info@nikosjewellery.com


photo (1027 of 54)_2JMP0104




2016 –  ILLMINSTER ARTS CENTRE  November 28th – December 23rd    in a Christmas exhibition, at the Illminster Arts Centre, East St. TA19 0AN

Jo won a place in this Christmas Show by winning the public vote  with her Saunton Sands photograph at the Illminster Art Centres’ annual photographic competition.


November 22nd

She showed three large photographs of  her new “Tree top designs”, one seen below, which had not been seen before.





A selection of mostly new paintings, continuing on with my beech hedges and large Exmoor skies, surprise surprise, I am still in my “tree period” ! No.4 promotes local arts and crafts and shows a lovely selection of pottery, textiles, jewellery and paintings.

2016 – Somerset Open Studios   Sep 17th – Oct 2nd   Lanacre Barn Gallery, Landacre, Withypool, Exmoor  TA24 7SD



I have been focusing on three particular tree circles here on Exmoor, two of which were planted as Sheepfolds or Stells and the third being a circle of trees planted around an ancient burial ground. They are all three nearing the end of their short lives.               They are temporary sculptures, unwittingly created by man, so wondrous in their beauty that they cry out to be seen, so at one with their surroundings that it is hard to imagine that they will soon no longer exist. I have been drawn to photograph these grand old men who’s symmetry and grandeur fascinate me.                                                                          I sense a design quality of such immense scale that I am attempting to show them, through the use of b&w and sepia, striped bare of their colour and surroundings, as simple art forms.   I have attempted the same with some of my favourite lengths of Exmoor Hedge. I show them as isolated and silhouetted, so one is forced to focus on the design within.  These sculptural designs are almost entirely due to mans’ past labours, not just in the construction of the banks and the planting of the saplings but through the laying of the hedges, and the weather of course adding the final touch.                              For me nature and design are inexplicably connected, and it is this design in nature that I am trying to capture.  I have yet to design a new hedge, but I continue my search for the perfect hedge!!

2016 –  “Find a Tree”  Exhibition October 3rd-29th at The Illminster Arts Centre

Jo exhibited alongside Gordon Fields, Tim Craven and several others who share her passion for trees. Tree circles or ‘Stells’ have been occupying her thoughts throughout this year !

3. trees


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