Jo Minoprio


These photographs below will be hanging, for the first time, in the Ilminster Art Center throughout December.These are my most recent works, concerning tree tops.

The first time I discovered this new world was while I was lying in the middle of my favourite tree circle, high up on the moors, looking up, and there, to my amazement, all these patterns appeared!

If you stand back from the images and squint your eyes they become quite clear. Trees are obviously very respectful of each others’ “space”, leaving air to breathe and room to move. Creating, in their path, the most amazing shapes and designs.

This is what fascinates me, “design in nature”.

When you begin to search you will start to see, and you will know your journey has just begun.


Lie down and look up


Lie down and look up


Lie down and look up, you’ll be amazed


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