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If you wish to enquire about a commission or make a purchase please contact Celia at: or telephone on : 07770325035 or 01932565841

Prices for commissions start at £350.-

Untitled 2

Having studied fine art in Florence in the early 70s and afterwards at the Byam Shaw Celia then spent a few years following her other passion, food and cooking.

She then settled in Florence and started painting murals and trompe l’oeil which she has continued to do to this day with commissions all around the world including the Grand Hotel in Florence.

Celia is now concentrating on her canine and equine portraiture, taking commissions, the quality and character of which you will see below.

“Squirrels”  commission

With access to good photographs she is capable of capturing  a wonderful likeness of your ‘best friend’.


Having grown up in the depths of the Gloucestershire countryside, surrounded by dogs and horses which she loved, it is as if she has returned to what she knows best.




“Banksey”  commission


“Fi – Fi”  commission

Celias` blurb 002

Celias` blurb 2


Untitled copy

For Sale:

Canes Regular Dogs Rule acrylic on board 70cms x 69cms £550.-
Canes Regular  or Dogs Rule  70cms x 69cms  acrylic on board  £575.-  unframed


Hare on Black 20 x 20 acrylic on board £85.-
Hare on Black  20cms x 20cms  acrylic on board  £85.-


A Run by the Lake 28cms x 18cms £100.-
A Run by the Lake  28cms x 18cms  oil on board  £100.-


Clouds over ? 60cms x 60cms £400.-
Big Sky over Exmoor   60cms sq  oil on board  £425.- framed


Looking west from Larkbarrow 76cms x 50cms £400.- ish
West from Larkbarrow  76cms x 50cms  oil on board  £350.- framed


Towards Larkbarrow 35cms x 25cms £270.-
North from Larkbarrow  35cms x 25cms  oil on board   £280.-  framed


Up the Barle oil on card 15cms x 30cms £85.-
Up the Barle  15cms x 30cms  oil on card  £85.- 

JESSAMY KEILY                                     

If you wish to make a purchase or have any questions please contact Jessamy direct at:

Jess in studio
Jessamy in her studio

Facebook :

Istagram :

Jessamy has been using the time in lockdown to work on some detailed and intricate dip pen and ink drawings. Her newest collection ‘Insect Life’, features some popular garden insects made up of a host of flora and fauna pertaining to each animal’s environment.
The illustrations are finished with vibrant watercolour, giving a splash of colour to Jess’s usually monochrome work. She has been working to themes in 2020 and started the year with a collection of artwork stemming from the theme of ‘Circles’, such as the Golden Octopus and Yin and Yang Fish. The insects have been joined by flocks of birds for the second theme of the year ‘Flight’, so keep an eye out for some detailed murmurations being released soon!


Go against the Flow  mounted prints  40cms sq  £45.-   30cms sq £35.-   30cms sq £30.-


Ammonite  mixed inks and sea water   original 26″sq  mounted and framed  £480.-



Big yin yang fish (1 of 1)
 Yin Yang Fish       prints £15.-  to  £40.-


Jellyfish 1  –  prints from A4 £15.-  commissions taken



Circles (20 of 24)
Golden Octopus -Circles      prints from £30.-   to £75.-



Seawater Octopus (1 of 1)
Saltwater Octopus  India ink and seawater  original  20″ x 30″  mounted and framed  £620.-



Turtle (2 of 2)
Sea Black Turtle      A4 print  £15.-     A3 print £25.-



Go your own way
Go your own way    A4 print £15.-    A3 print  £25.-


Grasshopper Life  original 40cms sq  mounted £250.-



Flowerbee Dark
Bumblebee Life  (original sold)  prints from £15.-

Dragonfly Dark
Dragonfly Life  original  40cms sq  mounted  SOLD    prints from £15.-

Butterfly (1 of 2)
Butterfly Life    original   40cms sq   mounted   SOLD     prints from £15.-




gibbon card
Long Gibbon, Long Elephant and Long Flamingo  originals framed £250.-    prints  £35.-      cards available (the long series)


Four samples of Jessamys’ beach drawings below, all available as prints. Commissions taken.




JULIA MANNING  R.E., S.W.L.A.           

If you wish to make a purchase or have any questions please contact Julia direct at :  or ring her on  01458223025 or 07842423987

_Crow Disturbs the Ravens 3. 95x60cm 2.4 mg ed 20
Crow disturbs the Ravens 3    woodcut  95cms x 60cms  edition of 20    £450.- unframed           £550.-  framed in black 105cms x 73cms

Instagram –  juliamanningartist

Julia Manning is a Somerset based artist-printmaker. 

Julia’s Inspiration comes from drawing in the wild. The geology of islands. The colours and essence of different places. Rock formations on which birds nest. Rocky outcrops over which sea birds glide.

Looking and drawing the insect world found in my garden, just loving discovering and drawing the night world, lured into my moth trap

A colourful celebration of the natural world.


My garden Moths Eyed Hawk moth. Ed 16 55x39 cm 1.7MG
Eyed Hawkmoth  woodcut  55cms x 39cms  £280.- unframed  edition of 16


Full member of The Society of Wildlife Artists. Participated in the Wallasea RSPB residency 2015 Wadden Sea Denmark project 2019

Full Member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers (Bankside Gallery 48 Hopton ST, London SE1 9JH)

A member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen (Bovet Tracey) and Somerset Printmakers

Was one of the 4 printmaker members of PINE FERODA 2015-2019


Crab Bay    etching and lino cuts  58cms x 50cms  £380.- unframed


PRINTS IN THE COLLECTIONS OF of The British Embassy in Paris, Paintings in Hospitals, The Aberystwyth Print Archives, The British  Museum and the House of Lords.

AWARDS – The Aberystwyth University Print Archives Award (2007) Originals Mall Galleries London

The Fenton Arts Trust Award (2008) Originals Mall Galleries London

The RE Award (2008) Originals Mall Galleries London John Purcel Paper Award (RE Annual Exhibition 2008) The Paintings In Hospitals Purchase Prize Award

Printmaker’s Printmaker Of The Year Printfest Ulverston Cumbria (2009)

Langford Press Printmaking Award The Society of Wildlife Artists 2016

Mascot Media Nature in Print Award The Society of Wildlife Artists 2018

AceArts Nature in Art 2018 The Peoples Choice Award


ROYAL ACADEMY SUMMER EXHIBITION 2019 Twinletts’ Razor bills and Gillimots nesting on the cliffs of Skokholm.

Wells Contempoary International 2019 Wales Contempoary 2019


Puffin raft 1.7mg
Puffin Raft    woodcut  30cms x 30cms  £180.- unframed



Mad Bay artist Proof 2 60x45cm
Mad Bay  woodcut   artist proof 2  45cms x 60cms  £420.-


Moonlight 45x60cm Ed 10 2.2MG
Moonlight  woodcut  45cms x 60cms  edition of 10   £450.-


Mad Bay Artist Proof 1 60x45cm


To The Valerium 43x45cm Ed10
To The Valerian Humming Bird Hawkmoths    woodcut   43cms x 45cms    £320.- unframed        edition of 10


Arditti  3/10  woodcut  88cms x 110cms  £350.-  unframed        p&p included, sent in tube.  Others available in variable coloured editions, photographs can be sent


My September Garden 300dpi 90cmsq woodcuts 300dpi
My September Garden  wood cuts  90cms x 90cms  £650.- unframed



Tiger Tiger  linocut  103cms x 64cms  £250.- unframed




The Barle at Pinkworthy
The Barle at Pinkworthy  –  watercolour  –  33″ x 11″     £150.

Clare lives and works on the Cranborne Chase in Dorset. She was born in Taunton and spent many weekends as a child trudging across Exmoor. She contends that we lay our internal images down in our early lives and that these images often represent perfection in terms of shape, colour, texture and emotional resonance. For Clare it was Exmoor and she was aware of it from very young.

Crow at Landacre (2)
Crow at Lanacre  30″ x 11″  SOLD

Clare attended the Saturday Art School in Taunton as a six-year-old and for many years until she left school at 16 and went full time to the Somerset College of Arts and Technology. From there Clare went on to study for four years at The Slade School of Fine Art where she was winner of The Slade Prize on graduation.

Larks above Simonsbath
Larks above Simonsbath  –  acrylic on board  – framed  32″ x 26″  £450.-

Clare takes every opportunity to travel. She feels she knows a country only once she’s been able to experience its landscapes. To experience foreign landscapes is, for Clare, to measure them against the landscapes of Exmoor – not to find them better or worse but to understand the curves and textures and to compare them with Exmoor in the pictorial sense. She still travels and will have a collection of sketch books, watercolours and drawing things with her wherever she is.

Larks at Withypool Common
Larks at Withypool Common  –  oil on canvas  –  framed  41″ x 41″  SOLD

Clare has exhibited widely and won many prizes since her graduation many years ago. She has work in many collections in many countries. She teaches in Dorset where she runs workshops and a summer school.

Kestrel at Landacre
Kestrel at Lanacre  –  oil on canvas  30″ x 30″   £450.-

Clare comes to Exmoor, usually twice a year, to walk, draw and paint. She makes many sketches and brings them back to her studio where she banks them with her sketch books. It is from this bank of sketches that Clare will choose a drawing to build up into a painting. Every drawing has both the marks made in the process of drawing but is deeply imbued with the memory of that time and place – all this goes into the painting.

Ravens across the Barle Valley
Ravens across the Barle  – oil on canvas  41″ x 41″  SOLD

Clare works in a variety of media but particularly likes the negotiable and visceral quality of oil paint and will often add spray paint, enamel paint and other kinds of paint to the work. She paints also with watercolours which she loves for its ability to have the artist ‘see’ the world analytically but accept the accidental which occurs when working with the watercolour. For Clare, it boils down to ‘you cannot paint a light place, you can only reveal it’ and therefore one must be conscious of the shapes and positions of the light places, whatever and wherever they are, in order to know where not to put the paint.

If you are interested in purchasing any of her paintings then please contact Clare directly at:


The Barn at Westermill
 Barn at Westermill  –  oil on canvas  –   framed  – 41″ x 41″    SOLD



From Polly and Julian's House, Withypool.
From Polly and Julian’s house, Withypool  –   oil on canvas  –  framed –  64″ x 48″  £1500.-




Beyond Brendan Two Gates
Beyond Brendan Two Gates  –  oil on canvas – 12″ x 12″  SOLD



Bridge at Walla Brook
Bridge over Walla Brook  –  oil on canvas  –  30″ x 30″  £450.-




withypool common
Withypool Common –  mixed media –  8″ x 6″  £35.-



A Flock of Sparrows Flew Across The Valley
A Flock of Sparrows flew across The Valley  watercolour  22″ x 15″  £150.-



Road to The Hills
Road to the Hills  –  watercolour  –  16″ x 11.5″   £85.-



Exe Cleave
Exe Cleave –  watercolour  –  11″ x 7.5″   £55.-



exmoor hills
Exmoor Hills  –  mixed media  –  8″ x 6″   £35.-



Sun on The Road
Sun on the Road  –  watercolour  –  11″ x 30″  –  £150.-





Leo studied illustration at Falmouth College of Art. He now lives and works in his hometown of Minehead on the edge of Exmoor where he has his studio/gallery.

As well as the West Country landscape, Leo paints all manner of subjects including birds, cityscapes, portraits and bridges.

In recent years Leo has won the “Evolver Prize”, he has regularly shown at the RWA both in the Drawn show and annual open, had paintings in “The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour”, “The Royal Watercolour Society” and was short listed in The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2012, 13 ,14 & 17 at London’s Mall Galleries and went on to win 1st prize in 2019 and the competition’s Smith & Williamson Cityscape Prize in 2015.

You can see more of Leo’s work at his website above, or visit him in his Minehead studio/gallery.  All the sizes below are for the actual paintings, but the prices include a fine oak frame.

If you are interested in making a purchase please contact Leo.

instagram : leodaveystudiogallery    email:    tel: 07816151433


Not Everything Will Change - Dunster Beach
‘Not everything will change’ 43cms x 75cms  watercolour and black indian ink  £1250.-


Exmoor - Fast Flowing
‘Exmoor – Fast Flowing’  29cms x 40cms  watercolour and mixed media  SOLD


Porlock Bay
Porlock Bay  13cms x 20cms watercolour and mixed media  £200.-



Lock Down
‘Lock Down’  50cms x 50cms  watercolour and black indian ink  NFS


Blue Anchor Beach
‘Blue Anchor Beach’  29cms x 55cms  watercolour and black indian ink  £550.-



Landacre Bridge
Lanacre Bridge  13cms x 20cms  watercolour and mixed media  £200.-



Pines - Reflection
‘Pines – Reflection’  29cms x 45cms  watercolour and mixed media  SOLD


Coastal Flora
Coastal Flora  9cms x 13cms  watercolour and mixed media  £200.-



Great English Oak
Great English Oak  28cms x 28cms  watercolour and black indian ink  £375.-



Hawkcombe - Porlock
‘Hawkcombe – Porlock’  29cms x 29cms  watercolour and black indian ink  £400.-


Kilve Beach
‘Kilve Beach’ 13cms x 20cms  watercolour and mixed media  SOLD



Sherdon Hutch
‘Sherdon Hutch’  13cms x 20cms  watercolour and mixed media  £200.-





A collaboration of three professional printmakers     MERLYN CHESTERMAN,  IAN PHILLIPS  and  JUDITH WESTCOTT  all of who’s work, much of it recent, you will see below.    All the works are for sale, mostly unframed for ease of posting during these difficult times. Please contact the individual artist if you would like to make a purchase.   Ring Merlyn Chesterman if you are interested in Pine Feroda’s ‘Catching the Light’ below on: 07771610982

Pine Feroda is a well established group of relief printmakers who specialise in large-scale land and seascapes.  Catching the Light  (below) is their latest woodcut, which has been editioned since their very successful show at Lanacre Barn last autumn.  

“We work together from the first drawings through the cutting of blocks and printing the edition, sharing all decisions.”  

Catching the light copy
Catching the Light  120cms x 87cms  woodcut  £1950.-  unframed                                                 edition of 60


Martin Kemp made this short film about this particular print which gives a good flavour of the collaborative approach.




Merlyn Chesterman is a woodblock printmaker. She trained in Fine Art at Bath Academy of Art. She has a Dip Ed and has taught at West Dean College since 2005. Merlyn has a studio in North Devon, and her woodcuts are exhibited worldwide.

She is a Senior Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, and in 2014 set up Pine Feroda, a group of 3 printmakers who work collaboratively to produce large-scale woodcuts. Merlyn has recently completed residencies in Hangzhou China, Hong Kong and Sweden, and is co-author of the book ‘Making Woodblock Prints’, published by Crowood Press.

'a summer wind' a block of poplar with a lot of cutting. MC
A Summer Wind  woodcut  125cms x 41cms  £950.- unframed


a grey green sea retake
A grey green sea  woodcut  126cms x 41cms  £800.- unframed



Atlantic  woodcut  42cms x 42cm  £395.- unframed



High water
High Water  woodcut  42cms x 42cms  £395.- unframed


June  woodcut  A4  £180.- unframed


Rough for RA entry
Rough  woodcut   42cms x 42cms  £395.- unframed


sea slight
Sea Slight  woodcut  42cms x 42cms  £395.- unframed


Grassland a/p  woodcut  127cms x 47cms  £950.-



Ian has a BA (Hons) in illustration and worked for a wide variety of illustration clients before moving to Wales in 2001 to work on landscape printmaking.

Since then Ian has been creating large-scale landscape and seascape linocuts.  Utilising all the inspiring mark making, patterns and techniques he has absorbed over the years from a wide variety of sources.  Including a residency, with artists from the Torres Strait Islands, at Djumbunji Print workshop in Cairns, studying with Professor Wang Chou in Hangzhou, China and working with the Pine Feroda collaboration.

Ian now specialises in prints based on drawings done during long distance walks and exploring areas of iconic interest and lonely beauty.


North Shore Swell
North Shore Swell   82cms x 70cms  multi block linocut on 285gsm BFK Rive paper                   £795.- unframed  (edition of 12)



Lighthouse  76cms x 56cms  multi block linocut  on 285gsm BFK Rive paper                                   £795.- unframed  (edition of 12)



Shining Sea
Shining Sea  97cms x 66cms  reduction linocut on 285gsmBFK Rive paper                                       £685.- unframed  ( 3 available )


Three Waterfalls  60cms x 45cms  multi block linocut on 250gsm BFK Rive paper                         £335.-  unframed  ( 5 available )


Cwm Hen Gae
Cwm Hen Gae  88cms x 70cms  multiblock linocut on 285gsm BFK Rive paper                                 £465.- unframed  ( edition of 16 )



Judith lives in north Devon, close to the sea and the moor. Ancient woodland, the ups and downs of Exmoor, the broad beaches, rocky coves and towering cliffs of the coastline all become her subject matter.

“At art college I was lucky enough to catch the final years of traditional print rooms. Learning to work with presses, inks, paper and processes reaching back centuries. Feeling part of this tradition and playing my part in keeping it alive is important.”

Complementing Judiths’ own work is her creative partnership with Pine Feroda, a small group of print- makers.  “Working in this unique band for the last six years has enriched and broadened what I do, as well as being good fun”


Rejuvenation  45cms x 31cms  woodcut  £275.- unframed


Exmoor October
Exmoor October  45cms x 31cms  woodcut  £275.- unframed


High ground
High Ground  18cms x 21cms  woodcut  £95.- unframed


Sea Level  30cms x 22cms  linocut   £170.-  unframed


Light Right Through  44cms x 30cms  woodcut  £275.-  unframed


Moorland  30cms x 22cms  £170.- unframed


Changeable  60cms x 45cms  woodcut  £325.-  unframed


First thing
First Thing  30cms x 22cms  linocut  £170.-  unframed




         This week, at the Lanacre Barn Gallery we are presenting an artist new to our team of exhibiting artists, the distinguished painter of theatre performers and performances and many other subjects besides, Alan Halliday (b. 1952).
          Alan was my art tutor at Oxford in the 1970s at the Edward Greene Tutorial Establishment where I studied fine art. He was, without doubt, the best teacher I have ever had. Since then, we have stayed in contact and recently, Louis and I visited Alan’s studio in France where he now lives and paints in Poitou-Charente near the Loire Valley.
           For nearly thirty years, Alan Halliday drew and painted the dress rehearsals of The Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera at Covent Garden as well as the RSC, the National Theatre, the Kirov and the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet, and also during filming for ‘Shakespeare in Love’ ‘Wilde’ and many of the BBC film adaptations of Dickens, Thackeray and Nancy Mitford.
           Alan’s first one-man exhibition was held in 1979 at the Windsor & Eton Fine Art Gallery and was attended by HRH the Prince of Wales. Since then, Alan has exhibited regularly in London, throughout Europe, in the Middle and Far East and throughout the United States, and his paintings are held in public collections such as the Shakespeare Folger Library in Washington DC and the V & A and the private collections of Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi, Alan Bates, Michael Portillo, Zoe Wanamaker, Celia Imrie and Stephen Fry amongst others. And for many years, Alan has been represented in London by the Bruton Street Gallery, the Music Theatre Gallery and Collins & Hastie.
           Alan Halliday is principally an easel painter who specializes in oils on canvas of all sizes. He has an archive comprising several thousand of his chalk drawings that were made on the spot around the world which he uses as the basis for his compositions. He then prefers to work from memory in the studio, distilling the essence of the subject. His canvases range from landscape to figurative with flights of abstract improvisation in between! They are positive, uplifting and life-enhancing and many people have remarked on this. In a nutshell, Alan Halliday’s work is concerned with ‘le bonheur de vivre’ or the pleasure of life!
Alan is a prolific painter, and here below you will catch just a glimpse of many of his different styles, mediums and subjects. His website is full of further gems and information. All his pictures are for sale and can easily be sent, mostly unframed, from his home in France. Any sales to be dealt with directly through the artist, all contact details are on his website.
Anemones 3262 small A3 £ 495 ufmd.
Anemones  ref 3262   30cms x 42cms  £495.- unframed
Spring Flowers ref. 2433 28cms x 38cms £495.-
Spring Flowers  ref 2433  28cms x 38cms  £495.-  unframed
Courtyard in Seville, ref 2647, oil on canvas, 60 x 81cm. Unframed price £ 4000.
Courtyard in Seville  ref 2647  oil on canvas  60cms x 81cms  £4000.- unframed
Oranges and Lemons at Villa Oasis, gouache on paper, ref. 2849, Price framed £ 2,750.
Oranges and Lemons at Villa Oasis  ref 2849  gouache on paper 56cms x 76cms                    £2450.- unframed
The Jardin Majorelle is located in Morocco in Marrakesh and was established and planted by the artist Jacques Majorelle in 1922.  After his death in 1962, the garden was neglected and eventually purchased in 1980 by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé who first visited Marrakesh in 1966. They also acquired the large house and garden next door to the Jardin Majorelle and named it ‘Villa Oasis’.
For several years, British artist Alan Halliday (nb. 1952) has been painting in the Jardin Majorelle and also the Villa Oasis (which is rarely open to the public) and his paintings capture the atmosphere of the exotic planting of succulents, cacti, palms and bamboo. Many of these plants are extremely old and were brought to Marrakesh from all over the world. The vision of the owners, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé; the architect and designer, Bill Willis; and the internationally renowned landscape gardener, Madison Cox (who inherited the property), has resulted in a Garden of Eden or Paradise of great beauty that continues to enchant and inspire the artist, Alan Halliday.
Visit the website of the Jardin Majorelle:
For information on Marrakesh in the 1960s, and Bill Willis:
To view the collection of paintings of the Jardin Majorelle and Villa Oasis, please visit here:
Villa Oasis, Marrakesh, gouache on paper, ref 3295, 75cm x 105cm Price £ 4,000 unframed.
Villa Oasis, Marrakesh  ref 3295  75cms x 105cms  £4500.- unframed
The Citrus Garden, Villa Oasis, ref 2510, gouache on paper, 75cm x 105cm. Price framed £ 4,500
The Citrus Garden, Villa Oasis  ref 2510  75cms x 105cms  £4500.- unframed
St. Tropez ref 2576 gouache on paper 56cms x 76cms price unframed £2450.-
St.Tropez  ref 2576  gouache on paper  56cms x 76cms  £2450.- unframed
Spring blossom at Marcay, ref 1506, 38cm x 56cm. Price unframed £ 850.
Spring Blossom at Marcay  ref 1506  38cms x 56cms  £850.- unframed
Spring Blossom at Les Pailles, ref 3296, oin on canvas, Price unframed £ 5,500.
Spring Blossom at Les Pailles  ref 3296  oil on canvas  120cms x 120cms  £5500.- unframed
Church at Richelieu, ref 2304 gouache on paper, 28cm x 38cm. Price unframed £ 275
Church at Richelieu  ref 2304  gouache on paper  28cms x 38cms  £275.- unframed

jo minoprio exmoor artist